Laughter is Good for the Soul

This article originally appeared in the March 21st edition of the North Augusta Star and can be viewed at North Augusta Star Online

Just the other day I was doing my fatherly duty of playing dress-up with my kids. Nothing brings out the “dad” in you quite like putting on an undersized fire fighter outfit and turning a rolled-up towel into a make believe firehose. It’s times like these that I experience the most beautiful sight and sound that I can remember. Not even the finest of paintings or the most beautiful of melodies can compare to the look and sound of my kids laughing!

Every now and again, when I really land on something that brings out their giggles, I get to hear (what we call) “kazoo laughing.” It’s this next level of laughing that is uncontrollable and unpredictable. You don’t know when it’s coming, but when it does it brightens every fiber of your being and you can’t help but laugh along. And when my kids do it, it sounds like a kazoo. Is that ok?

As an adult, do you remember laughing like this? Do you remember a recent moment in your life when you experienced a “lay your head back, face to the sky, hardly breathing, tears in your eyes, unable to talk” kind of laughter? 

Do you think Jesus laughs? 

I can’t show you any biblical proof, but I have to believe that when he walked the Earth there were moments when he laughed - even uncontrollably!

I can imagine the moment an hour or so after Peter and Jesus walked on the water. I bet they debriefed that whole situation with a moment of happy laughing, discussing the foolishness of a lack of belief and the amazement of what Jesus did moments before. Maybe they still laugh about it. I bet they do.

It’s just my opinion, but I’m not sure that we are laughing enough these days. Sure, things have been kind of crazy lately and we all disagree on more than we would like to admit, but maybe one positive contribution we can make to the mess is to be willing to laugh a little more. At ourselves, at the mess and at the foolishness of our lack of belief in the one who holds all things together. After all, He does. 

So if you find yourself approaching that moment of laughter when everything in the world begins to slow down and you start to lose control, maybe that is the moment when you start to realize that it’s all going to be ok and that while pain may last for the night, joy will surely come in the morning. 

“A joyful heart is good medicine…” Proverbs 17:22


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