Fear Makes Us Crazy!

Fear Makes us Crazy

This article originally appeared in the December 13th edition of the North Augusta Star and can be viewed at North Augusta Star Online

Last spring my wife and I took our two kids to Disney World. 

Growing up in Florida, I had the opportunity to visit Disney many times. It never lacked its appeal and each time carried with it unique memories and experiences. However, I knew that taking my own kids would be a new exciting adventure unlike any trip I had ever taken to the Magic Kingdom before. 

About 2 hours into our day, standing in line to meet Peter Pan, we found ourselves so deep in conversation with the complete strangers behind us that our 2 year old little boy seemed to vanish into thin air. 

If you are a parent, you might now be empathizing with the terror that overtook us in that moment!

In addition to the fear and worry and concern, I ended up just being mad. In that very moment, I silently decided that our vacation was cancelled, we were never going back to Disney World and that my kids would never leave the house again. 

I looked among the thousands of people standing around me and after 60 seconds and some strong words for the employee who was trying to verbally calm me down, I spotted my little boy. He was greeting some tourists about 30 feet from where I was standing. After taking him into my arms and taking a deep breath, I relented. I decided that our vacation would not be cancelled and that we would allow our children to grow old and leave the house one day.

Fear makes us do crazy things, doesn’t it?

2 Timothy 1:7 says “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us fearful, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

I know when I find myself afraid, or uncertain about my circumstances, I don’t make wise decisions. My tendency is usually to step into the fear by myself, figure out the solution without God’s help and take out my frustrations on the people I love the most. 

Where has fear taken you? Has it caused you to hurt people? Has it forced you to abandon the beautiful adventure that God has called you to? Let’s work to be people who put our hope and trust in an eternal God who gives us power and love and tells us to never be afraid. 


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