Putting On Your Spiritual Glasses

This article originally appeared in the Wednesday, October 19th issue of The North Augusta Star newspaper and at The North Augusta Star Online

My wife would be the first to tell you that I'm not very good at wearing my glasses. She's great about reminding me, but I'm even better at forgetting. 

I’m still using an old pair, so after some encouraging words from her, I finally made an eye appointment, picked out some frames and about a week later I received a brand new pair of glasses. 

Driving one day, I stopped at a traffic light and noticed my glasses sitting there and decided to put them on. I stopped for just a moment to glance into the distance to memorize what lay ahead of me. I wanted to compare the fuzzy version with the high definition version that I was about to see as I put on my spectacles. What I saw next surprised me.  What I noticed was not the beauty of the distance ahead, but rather my dirty windshield, a smudge on my lenses and a glare coming from the vehicle in front of me. 

As I continued to drive down the road, I was reminded of how this parallels with my relationship to God’s word. 2 Timothy 3:16 reads “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness…” 

As a pastor, I'm used to studying the Bible so that I can explain it to other people. After all, He says it's useful for such things! But every time I open His word, I'm met with the reality that I have more than enough to work on myself. 

While it's easy to approach studying the word of God with others in mind, the first thing I notice is the smudge on the lens of my heart and a future that's hindered by the dirty sin that is holding me back from becoming all He desires for me to be. 

As people who follow Jesus, we are blessed to have access to the word of God which He has given us to learn, grow and lead others to know Him. But before we set our eyes on using His word to rebuke others, let us take the necessary time to teach ourselves. Let us allow the living word of God to transform our hearts, our speech and our love for other people. Let's make a habit of putting on the spiritual glasses that He's given us to see everything through His eyes.


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